Updating the Internet: Understanding the Impact of the IAB’s LEAN Ad Principles

In 2015, the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) introduced LEAN Ad Principles as a set of best practices and standards for advertisers to foster more pleasant user experiences on the Web. In doing so, they hoped to combat the use of ad blockers, which have proliferated significantly in recent years.

So what are LEAN Ad Principles, and how do they affect advertisers?

LEAN is an acronym that stands for:

  • Light
  • Encrypted
  • AdChoices Supported
  • Non-Invasive/Non-Disruptive

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Drone Nation

Ah, the aerial shot. Its appeal requires little explanation. Not only does it offer the viewer a perspective that we are unable to see from the ground, but it also lends production value to any project, large or small. The problem, until recently, was that aerial shoots were very costly. If you wanted that shot, for decades your only option was to rent a helicopter. Rates for renting a chopper vary greatly but could easily run between $800 to $2,000/hour. Add in cinema stabilizing tools and safety personnel and you might be up to $10,000 before you even leave the ground.

Consequently, only major film studios could afford to pay such a premium. Consider recent action blockbusters like Skyfall, Spectre, Taken 3, Jurassic World, San Andreas and Captain America: Civil War. Only films with enormous budgets like these could afford such dazzling aerials, right? Wrong. Each of those films shot their airborne scenes with drones rather than helicopters. So how did all of this happen? How did such a costly enterprise become so inexpensive that even hobbyists could afford them – all the while the quality remained so high that major film studios were simultaneously confident in using them?

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MCC’s Greatest Moments of 2017

This last year is one I will always cherish. There were so many milestones and accomplishments in 2017. Here are my top five.

  1. MCC was awarded Texas Instruments’ “Supplier Excellence Award.” Out of 12,000+ suppliers, Texas Instruments identifies and recognizes a select few each year that they see as the very best. MCC was honored with this award for the second time. Receiving this prestigious award a second time was even more rewarding and downright amazing! Texas Instruments is innovative and collaborative beyond description. We truly appreciate the opportunity to work with them and contribute to the company’s success.

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And We’re LIVE in 3, 2, 1… Tips to Know Before You Livestream

Livestreaming has become an extremely popular way for brands all over the world to reach and interact directly with their followers like never before. It’s become so widespread that almost every major social media platform, including YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, has implemented its own version of livestreaming. The most common platform for our clients has been Facebook Live.

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Top 5 Things to Know when Digging into the Data

As 2017 comes to a close, we’re nearing my favorite time of the year. I’ve brought my Texas-themed Christmas blanket – charmingly decorated with cowboy-hat-wearing snowmen and light-covered cacti – to the office, decorated my Christmas tree at home and spent the majority of the past month’s morning commutes singing along with the 1997 Hanson Christmas album. There’s just one last thing to do – finish up the digital media advertising reports for 2017! But what all should we study when examining the numbers?


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The Solution That’s Right Under Your Nose

When people think of marketing communications, they typically imagine public-facing advertising like TV spots or internet ads. Some might think of public relations. But most overlook an equally valuable form of communication that’s staring them right in the face every day – internal communications.

When a brand develops an effective internal communications program, it creates a whole team of people who are ready to live out the brand as the external communications have promised. I’d like you to stop and think about this for a moment. No matter how good your external communications are, they’re just empty promises unless your employees back them up in their daily work. And the best way to start that is to communicate to your team how they can bring those promises to life.

Take, for example, an internal program we developed to work alongside our external campaign for FairLease. Externally, we promised FairLease customers a welcome surprise in car shopping. Internally, we rolled out a campaign that captured the sunny disposition of the external communications while relaying important information about the brand’s new messaging. We helped coordinate a launch party for the new brand where we introduced the entire company to the new logo and corporate colors, passed out SWAG like branded t-shirts, shopping bags and baseball caps, and gave a quick presentation about the new brand platform and marketing goals.


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