Criss-Cross, Apple Sauce – Cross-Device Advertising

If you are like me, while I am at the office on my desktop computer, I also have my phone out for in-app browsing. Since the rise of smartphone and tablet usage, marketers have been focused on reaching users across their different devices to serve relevant content and ads. With the advance of technology and access to more useful data, cross-device advertising has become more accurate.

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Everybody Wants to Rule the World: Challenges in Managing Global Marketing Programs



With the progress in digital technologies and access to audiences across the globe, the potential to grow market share in new regions and expand reach is easier than ever…in theory. The opportunity to launch global marketing campaigns that consistently communicate a company’s messages and differentiation is available but global programs are not without challenges. For the purposes of this article, I will focus on three main challenge areas – organizational, cultural/regional and tactical.

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10 Tips and Tricks to Write Contributed Articles Publications Might Actually Use

First things first – yes, the print industry is fading – and while many people will tell you this means you don’t need to focus on pitching to magazines and trade outlets, they would be very wrong. Trade publications and industry magazines are still going strong. Additionally, with the growth of digital editions and 24-hour news cycles, contributed articles are often welcomed by editors to supplement editorial placements and provide companies a chance to position their subject matter experts as thought leaders in specific fields or industries.

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Advocacy for Your Brand Starts from Within

In 2013, Triumph Bancorp finalized its acquisition of THE National Bank, a retail bank with 18 locations in Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin. The company’s ability to engage with employees around the name and brand change was the single most important initiative the company undertook during the transition. Not only did the bank need employees and staff to know about the changes but it also needed them to deliver a brand experience that instilled confidence in customers.

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The Big Lie of Web Development

For some time now, people have been spreading an ugly lie about website development. You’ve probably heard it as many times as I have, although maybe you didn’t know that it’s untrue. They say, “Content is king.” Don’t believe them. While content is important – it keeps people engaged with your brand and helps them learn more about you, your products and your services – it simply should not be the ultimate brass ring of your website efforts. In fact, content is only a means to an end.

The true king of all is conversions.


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