Now Streaming – Meerkat and Periscope Go Toe-to-Toe

The latest live-streaming apps allow you to record or watch broadcasts from your mobile device. Two apps in particular, Meerkat and Periscope, seem to be capturing the most attention and attracting the most users. The buzz surrounding live-streaming apps really kicked off with the launch of Meerkat at this year’s South by Southwest Interactive. Many labeled it the “sweetheart” of the interactive conference, and not since the launch of Foursquare in 2009 had SXSW produced such an app hit. It didn’t take long for Meerkat to get some serious competition. As the app was gaining steam at SXSW, Twitter purchased Periscope to get in on the action and go toe-to-toe with Meerkat. Twitter even went as far as cutting off Meerkat’s ability to port people’s social connections over from Twitter to its own service. More on that here. General functionality of the apps is fairly similar, but let’s see how their features compare.

Now Streaming

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Snackable Bits from SXSW


This year, I was given the opportunity to attend SXSW Interactive (SXSWi) in Austin, Texas, with a team from M/C/C. There were many great sessions, and this attendee would like to share her key takeaways with you. With the vast number of themes, topics and speakers at SXSWi, I could probably could go on and on. But then this blog would become a novel, and that just won’t do. So here are some bite-size ideas for you to snack on before lunch. Continue reading “Snackable Bits from SXSW” »

Beyond Big Data: The Four Factors for Measuring Success

Big data is everywhere in business, and digital paid media is no exception to the trend. Tracking tools and systems capture everything, from initial product exploration to sales revenue (and all touch-points in between), associated with digital media placements andMeasuring Big Data marketing dollars. But is there value in looking beyond what data has to offer to where
intangible measures can take over?

It is easy to overlook that data is only a tool that is as good as the context that we create out of the numbers. Susan Etlinger says in her TED talk, “Data doesn’t create meaning, we do.” Evaluating the return on investment (ROI) of paid media purely from data and metrics is as crippling to its success as isolating its performance to that of a single metric, like click-through rates. While a click-through rate can tell you about the persuasiveness of the messaging in a banner, it tells you very little else without also considering other metrics. So why then do media budgets and strategy rely so heavily on a few tangible measures of success?

Maybe it’s because the tangibles are clear and definitive, while the intangibles require a leap of faith in aspects that are not directly credited to paid media alone. Paid media is part of a larger marketing mix that, when balanced, leverages all other channels to achieve far greater results than a single channel can produce alone.

Intangibles that can affect the performance of a paid media program can vary from company-to-company and even between campaign launches, but some considerations include:

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M/C/C Tech It Out: What Apple TV Can Add to Your Next Presentation

Apple TV

Presentations are about making an impression; and for centuries, public speakers have used devices to help engage the audience. For turn-of-the-century politicians, it was transforming the caboose of a steam engine into a platform for reform during whistle-stop tours. For comedian Gallagher, he owned the 1980s with a watermelon and an oversized hammer. For the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, it was an actual device.

At M/C/C, we feed off of devices and presentations. Recently, we had the pleasure of designing a presentation method for one of our clients, Harris CapRock Communications. Harris CapRock was introducing a first-of-its-kind communications service to the energy and maritime markets, Harris CapRock One, and they asked us to concept an innovative way to demonstrate the service at tradeshows and meetings. Instead of throwing together a Powerpoint, handing them a laser pointer and calling it a day, the M/C/C creative team scoured the deepest parts of its collective brain pan to come up with a better, more functional way to present ideas.

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Research is Key to Creating Content in the Customer’s Voice

Content marketing continues to flourish. M/C/C, our agency peers, clients and prospects all understand its value to the buying process. Marketers continue to make content marketing one of their top priorities, and B2B and B2C companies alike are leveraging it for brand awareness, engagement and leads.

It’s been a while, but I previously wrote about how to get the most out of your content marketing. The post, based on the concept of “stop selling and start helping,” encouraged marketers to develop content that their customers and prospects want to read, not what they want them to read. I went on to suggest that regardless of the form or distribution, the most successful content should help customers and prospects solve problems and put them on the path to meeting their business goals.

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How to Reach Mom Bloggers so They can Help Build Your Business

Mom Bloggers and BusinessBloggers allow readers to have an inside peek at their family lives. They write in a way that makes you feel like you’re a close friend and they let you in on all kinds of tips and secrets. From travel to technology and health to fashion, mom bloggers write about every industry and specific topics, similar to beat reporters.

Did you know 55 percent of moms who use social media daily made a purchase based on the recommendation of a blog? With that kind of impact, it is an absolute must for brands targeting moms to reach out to bloggers, but these influencers are not like traditional reporters.

When pitching bloggers there are three important things to remember:

1. Customize your pitch

Bloggers are able to see right through a mail-merged, cookie-cutter pitch. Describe why your product or service is perfect for their exact situations. It helps to look at each blog and read some recent posts. Look at social platforms to see what kind of content engages their readers. Get to know their families and see where your brand could fit into their lives. Do not ask what type of content they write about — you should already know this.

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UPDATE YOUR DANG BROWSER and Other Thoughtful Internet Tips from a Creative

Words can hurt, especially typed words. So when I spew this hot bloggy venom about poor Internet habits that need to be copy-and-pasted into a Word document, printed and lit on fire while being shredded, I’m saying it…because I care. Like a mother fawning over her newborn babe, I only want what’s best for your Internet experience. I want our Internet forefathers to look down from their white space and smile admirably at your digital choices in life. I don’t want them to see you staring at an empty black spot on your screen that, to most users, is some fragment of HTML5 that should be printed and hung in The Louvre. I want you to see it as I see it — for it’s vast array of color, pagination and imagery that just so happens to supply us with the information we desire.

But alas, it’s 2015, and a large portion of our Internet population is living in the past. I didn’t want to call anyone out, but I’m staring directly at you, Microsoft Windows 7-slash-Internet Explorer 8 user! You and your other outdated-browser buddies are ruining the Internet design experience for the rest of the lot! Sigh. But it’s not entirely the user’s fault. Some businesses are stuck in a site design rut, too. Why just the other day I ran across a company’s site that’s built entirely in Flash. Look, if you have to build a warning to users before they enter your digital home, you’re Internetting wrong.

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 2.53.33 PM

Fear not. Bad Web habits were made to be broken. Once you’ve accepted your problem, we can identify the issues and perhaps offer a few solutions allowing you to see the world seamlessly across multiple devices. And in some cases, allow your customers to actually see your site. Let’s start with a simple one.

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Looks Aren’t Everything When It Comes To Hot Web Design

By now, you’ve probably seen the TV spot for Squarespace, which promises “Better websites for all.” Or maybe you’ve heard of Wix, which claims to “make it simple for everyone to create a beautiful, professional Web presence.” No doubt you know WordPress, which, for years, has been the go-to blogging platform-turned-world-leading content management system (CMS). These Web-building tools and others like them have really come into their own over the past couple of years, giving all people the ability to create powerful, advanced and aesthetically awesome websites without a lot of design or development experience. A few years ago, I might’ve turned my nose up at these template-based, semi-customizable websites, but not any longer.

From a design/development perspective, most templates are actually really good these days, and some are outright stunning. Not long ago, templates were created by less talented designers and built by developers with limited skills. But today’s Web-building tools help average Joes launch clean and sophisticated websites with large-format imagery. They’re coded in HTML5 for some of the most advanced functionality available, and many are responsive so they display and function beautifully on devices of all sizes. What’s not to like?

{Enter the wet blanket}

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Getting to Know the Future’s Top Marketing Priority – It’s Personal

Customize Key on KeyboardIf you’re not already personalizing your marketing, you better start. Personalized messages are more relevant, which makes them more compelling. Compelling messages help generate more interest, which will lead to more sales opportunities. And that’s going to make you and your business more successful.

Don’t believe me? In a recent study conducted by Adobe, marketers identified personalization as the top marketing priority in the future. Ginger Conlon, editor-in-chief at Direct Marketing News, says “Personalization is what captivates high-value customers.” So true.

Personalized marketing to address customers’ preferences or needs can take many forms. While slapping a first name on the front of a postcard is technically personalization, I’m going to share a couple of more meaningful examples with you. A longtime client of ours, Hudson & Marshall, is in the real estate auction business. While the auction aspect of their business gives it a niche, it stills play in the same highly competitive sandbox as most other real estate companies. Therefore, the company takes advantage of personalizing its ads every chance it can.

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