On Dallas’ Green Scene with Recycle Revolution

Did you know that a typical restaurant, much like the one you probably visited to grab today’s lunch, generates more than 100,000 pounds of garbage  per year, and more importantly, that approximately 50 to 60 percent of that trash is recyclable?


Well, good thing we stopped by Recycle Revolution’s latest event to learn fun facts about everything green and environmentally-friendly! Here are  the dirty details.

This past weekend, M/C/C’s Giving you the Biz contest winner, Recycle Revolution, held its first annual Deep Green Revolution event which aimed to educate local North Dallas citizens on the best practices for successful, eco-friendly living. The locally-owned and -operated, totally cool recycling company’s community-wide green round-up event celebrated the sustainability programs it’s helping companies implement in North Texas and marked the official introduction of Recycle Revolution’s Deep Ellum location.


TAGGED: Local artist, Harmony Witte, created this custom mural for RR's newest facility.


In the past year, the Deep Ellum community has experienced significant growth and as more local businesses and restaurants continue to open in the area, education plays a huge factor in maintaining  the area’s sustainability practices. The ecological and economic benefits of recycling-and waste diversion, in general, are well documented, but good recycling practices can benefit our local community, too.

Through collection or drop-off, Recycle Revolution accepts  a wide variety of materials, from the usual suspects – like your old book reports, moving boxes, beer bottles, Disney VHS collection and other paper, plastic, aluminum, cardboard, glass products –  to the not-so-usual materials – like e-waste, batteries, light bulbs, Styrofoam and carpet.

With support from The Dallas Zoo, Deep Ellum Community Association (DECA), The Deep Ellum Urban Gardens and The Deep Ellum Brewing Company, The Deep Green Revolution showed Dallasites the ins and outs of green waste management including  where to find safe places to drop off recyclables or what how VHS tapes are really sent off to electronic heaven.

M/C/C loves recycling!

A few lucky guests also had the opportunity to support DECA and Deep Ellum Urban Gardens by participating in a gift card raffle. The raffle featured gift cards, ranging from small to large amounts, redeemable at Dallas-area restaurants and stores.

Keep reading to see more pictures from the event! While you’re at it, feel to visit www.recyclerevolutiondallas.com or Recycle Revolution’s Facebook or Twitter pages for more information on the great work they’re doing throughout the Dallas community. Go green!

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