Reframing for the Future

In 1986, M/C/C produced the agency’s first video piece. Soon after, the demand for case studies in a video format continued to grow, and M/C/C switched from analog to digital production in 1994. Eventually M/C/C began shooting all new content in high definition in 2007, giving clients a level of resolution and picture quality that was unmatched at the time. Today in 2016, we are in the midst of another game-changing technological innovation that has shaken up the industry once more: 4K. Earlier this year, M/C/C shot the first 4K piece in the history of the agency, an organic gardening commercial for The Jobe’s Company.

4K gets its name from the nearly 4,000 lines of resolution it offers, exactly double that of the now ubiquitous 1920 x 1080 HD format.

4K gets its name from the nearly 4,000 lines of resolution it offers, exactly double that of the now ubiquitous 1920 x 1080 HD format.

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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Election Day


Now that November 8 has passed, and one of recent history’s ugliest campaign seasons is behind us, we can all let out a “yuge” sigh of relief. That’s what we all wanted, right? No more politics in our daily lives?

Wrong. As much as we all bellyache about the campaign cycle, political ads and robocalls, we apparently can’t get enough. Voter turnout for both parties was higher than ever. Television ratings for the presidential debates broke records left and right. And political contributions continue their upward trajectory. Politics is the American tradition that we all hate to love.

Even the advertising industry was not immune to the political bug this year. Normally, we and the brands we serve try to steer clear of politics at all costs. We’re supposed to put brands in their best light without risk of alienating consumers on any side. After all, it’s a tricky thing to tiptoe through the mud slinging and come out clean, which is why most marketers attach themselves to less divisive current events or just connect more broadly to a political look and feel.

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The 411 on Blogger Relations

When agencies suggest new programs to clients, companies may sometimes stop and ask what the work entails and if it carries any value. Take blogger relations, for instance. Some may wonder why anyone would need to have relationships with bloggers, who bloggers are and if people even read blogs.

To answer some of these questions and others, we put together a quick guide to blogger relations. Check out the info below to get up to speed.

Blogger relations

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Five Reasons Why People Love Listicles

Ahhh – the time-honored tradition of turning to BuzzFeed and reading some listicles. Is there anything like it? In all sincerity, yes. Other publishers have seen the success of these short, list-style articles, and now you see them everywhere from BBC to The Guardian. But what is it that makes them so popular?

1. They’re Easy to Digestln-07-18-13

Ascontent creators, we strive to create targeted, snackable content for our audiences because of the human attention span, which is shorter than a goldfish’s. Listicles break up long forms of communication and tell readers exactly what the author is trying to get across in that bullet point. You get bonus points if you use images, GIFs or videos between your points.

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Why Professional Development Matters to the Success of a Company

When it comes to continuing education, many executives may be reluctant to invest in conferences and seminars for their employees. This is especially true in industries where continuing education isn’t a requirement. Just because an employee has graduated from college or gotten their master’s degree doesn’t mean that they should stop learning. In fact, professional development has many benefits that can help a company in the long run.


Let’s take a look at the importance of professional development and some best practices to consider in order to glean the most from these career activities for employees.

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Painting PR Pretty

Recently, I attended a Business Wire breakfast session about the changing media landscape. In the session, Serena Ehrlich, director of social and evolving media, discussed how PR professionals can take advantage of the visibility provided by search and social media to increase the impact of their news programs.

watercolors-1013243_1280While the fresh-squeezed orange juice and egg and bacon croissants were an added bonus, I also left with a ton of valuable information to shape the way I think about the evolution of PR. Here are a few key takeaways:

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The Newest Trend in Video Delivers it All and More

The challenge for all marketers, B2C and B2B alike, is to stay with the audience as marketing accountability keeps the pressure on to find new and better ways to reach the market.

Luckily, it is hard to find anyone who doesn’t reference an online video they’ve seen recently. YouTube blazed the trail, coaxing users in virtually every category to consume video content. By 2015, Facebook’s video traffic grew to 4 billion views seemingly overnight and has since doubled to 8 billion. Running ahead of Facebook is Snapchat with 10 billion daily video views.


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Happy Birthday to M/C/C! My, How We’ve Grown in Our 30 Years

Mike August_MCC Anniversary Blog Image

This month, M/C/C reached a new milestone – our 30th year in marketing communications. In that time, we’ve seen a number of advances. Amongst them, some of the broadest have included the design implications of personal computers, the birth of analytics in marketing and an entire evolution of how people receive information. Those changes are societal though. Everyone has seen the impacts firsthand. The business of advertising and public relations has progressed just as much one or two levels deeper as well, and that’s the part of our sausage-making that outsiders rarely get to see.

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Maintaining Marketing Focus in an ADD Environment

Choices, choices, choices. We’re all bombarded everyday with an ever-growing number of choices for how we spend our time and attention. It seems as if every second of every day is occupied with a thousand different things. Evidently, it’s even hard to stay focused on ordering something as simple as a sandwich – earlier this week at Subway, I saw a sign posted asking customers to “refrain from using your cell phone while ordering.” I only saw it after I looked up from my phone. In my mind, it’s neither good nor bad – it’s just the world we live in, where the new norm is to have our attention on 10 things at once.

business plan on wall

As marketers, the challenge is the same. The choices about how we spend our professional time are highly fragmented in a hyper world. We’re bombarded with data and marketing intelligence at every turn, we’re evaluating new and existing market platforms, media outlets and tools, and we’re studying our audiences and their sub-segments and sub-sub-segments. It can be overwhelming at times, and it can dilute our focus.

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