Skee-ball® Your Way into Social Media Success

In Skee-ball®, it’s not always about how fast you throw the ball, but the strategic direction you steer it in to earn the highest score at the top.

Beginning in 2010, we partnered with Chuck E. Cheese’s to establish a presence on social media platforms and build relationships with brand fans, moms, dads and families. Our hard work and dedication increased awareness of brand values amongst parents and helped change their misperceptions. As a result, Chuck E. Cheese’s has endeared itself to a new generation of moms as well as become recognized by industry peers and competitors as a leading example in the social media space.

Many people wonder… “How did you do it?” or “Can you quantify the results?” Well, here it is…down to the very last throw! The following infographic depicts our successful efforts in establishing and developing social media and blogger relationships for Chuck E. Cheese’s with their brand fans.

Chuck E. Cheese's Social Media Infographic

As the Chuck E. Cheese’s brand continues to win on their social media platforms, we too celebrate our success in furthering their brand affinity and connecting the company to millions of brand fans.

Learn more details about our successful strategies in this video:

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About Rachel David


As a PR & Social Media Strategist at M/C/C, Rachel David supports the public relations team by implementing various social and media relations efforts to maximize audience engagement and brand awareness for clients. Her day-to-day responsibilities include writing press releases and contributed articles, social media advertising, blogging and social networking on behalf of clients, and identifying emerging media relations opportunities for each client.

Rachel’s passion for PR stems from her love for people. She enjoys learning and exploring how the interactions that occur between individuals and in groups affect a person’s psychosocial development. Rachel has a B.A. in Public Relations, a B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies and a minor in psychology from Texas Tech University.

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