The 411 On Advertising Techniques That Appeal To Men v. Women

We all know these two genders can be completely (at least fairly) opposite on many accounts. For this reason, it is extremely important for advertisers to recognize their target audience and determine the correct way to communicate with them.

There are numerous factors to take into account, but here is a brief summary of my observations: men are cut-and-dry, and women tend to be more complex and emotional. That being said, let’s get down to the nitty- gritty.

As says, “Successful marketing means knowing how to communicate effectively to men and women, realizing their differences.” Whether it’s regarding products or services, men and women need to be approached in different manners. While men like concrete information and straight-to-the-point advertising, women prefer comprehensive data and emotional connections. Background information is important to women. Additionally, visuals of people using a product or service appeal to women, helping reinforce the importance of these products and services brands are selling. The more emotional context incorporated in an advertisement, the more relevant it will be to women.

When it comes to shopping, men focus on the practical things. Parking accessibility and store inventory are at the top of their lists. A majority of the time, they enter a store knowing exactly what they are looking for. If decisions need to be made, they automatically eliminate any options that don’t have the specific attributes they’re seeking. Women, on the other hand, consider all options and look at the overall picture. They have the tendency to browse, a lot. Women base their shopping experiences on interactions they have with sales associates – were they helpful, knowledgeable and genuine?

As far as advertisements, colors, curves, details and images of families all work in favor to attract the ladies. And we can’t forget the emotional factors. Men, however, find straight lines and strong objects appealing. Statistics and facts are also an added bonus for men. The icing on top of the cake: sex appeal. This is sure to grab any man’s attention.

To get technical, female brains have stronger connections between their right and left hemispheres. This means their memory and language are very in touch with their emotions. Since they are better at remembering details, incorporating emotional cues and details into marketing strategies is effective. As for men, show a few design elements but keep it sweet and simple.

So there you have it. If you’re an advertiser reading this, hopefully you’ve picked up a few pointers. If you’re an average Joe like me, you are most likely nodding your head in agreement to all of the above, and that’s exactly what we want!


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