Here are three snapshots of our success in this market:

Animalz by Retrak

Animalz by ReTrak

Having secured deals with big box retailers across the United States, ReTrak asked M/C/C to beef up its public relations plan to expand awareness and drive sales of its Animalz product line. Animalz are fuzzy headphones that look like…well…animals. We focused our strategy like a laser, targeting gift-giving moms through influential third parties.

In the midst of the holiday shopping season, we got Animalz headphones into product reviews, gift guides and giveaways. We secured 79 positive posts on mom blogs, created 600,000+ impressions online and engaged consumers through almost 7,000 trackable social actions. In more traditional media, we secured 24 articles in high-impact media outlets, including The Boston Globe, Newsday and CNET, landed TV coverage in top DMAs, including the Minneapolis market where Best Buy and Target are headquartered and made Animalz part of a coast-to-coast radio conversation on the nationally syndicated “The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show.”

As a result, just three months after we’d landed the ReTrack account, we helped drive more than 50% of Animalz sales in 2014, a year-over-year increase of 1755%. And at the world’s largest consumer electronics retail chain, Animalz became the #1 selling headphones for kids.

Privus Mobile Advertising Screenshot

Privus Mobile

Developing a smartphone app for Caller ID service was a smart idea. Partnering with M/C/C from the idea's inception complimented this smart invention. Our market research uncovered consumer perspectives on key benefits, identified the demographics for target buyers and provided insight that was the basis for the name (Privus Mobile), logo, website, key selling points and the rest of our marketing communications programs. The results have been remarkable: more than 1 million app downloads and a major international contract that will generate more than $21 million in revenues annually. By any standard, Privus Mobile is a rocket ship, and the company wants us riding shotgun.

Alienware Advertising Screenshot


Alienware, a PC manufacturer that focused on the gaming and high-performance user market, had successfully introduced products to the market but wanted a public relations partner to take its subsequent launches to the next level. After the company engaged with M/C/C, we built its profile through editorial coverage on key gaming and PC trends. We created preference for Alienware's high-end desktops and laptops and, most importantly, secured positive product reviews from press covering gaming and PCs, which lead to higher product sales. After developing a tight pitching, delivery, briefing and follow-up process, we secured more than 500 product reviews in three years, including more than a dozen editor's choice awards. The product reviews led to strong sales as Alienware was eventually fully integrated in to its parent company, Dell, as its premier gaming brand.