Our work for CPS HR has been a textbook example of comprehensive and integrated marketing communications. We began our relationship by conducting extensive market research to uncover audience decision-making priorities and competitive advantages for our client. From there, we developed positioning and messaging for the company’s new brand promise and communications strategy. With some tweaks to the brand name and a new logo and tagline, we began a rebranding campaign using print and online advertising, a new website, social media, Search Engine Optimization, sales support tools and e-mail marketing.

In the 12 years since we began working with CPS HR Consulting, we’ve made tremendous progress together, building a presence across the U.S. and a national reputation for excellence. In the latest customer survey, the company ranks highest in perception and customer satisfaction versus its competitors and is known for the position established in our branding. Advertising has driven both perception and leads while e-mail campaigns have generated high click-thru rates and event registrations. Social media has expanded brand awareness for CPS HR Consulting both inside and outside its core market niche, positioned the company as the experts in the market and increased engagement, followers and reach across all platforms.

As CPS HR Consulting continues to solidify its position as the thought leader in its market, MCC has been a key partner, taking advantage of media and PR opportunities, conducting ongoing market research, developing new, compelling content and much more. Today, with effective marketing supporting its expansion across the United States, the California-based HR provider remains confident in its decision to hire MCC, the best candidate for the job.