Here are three snapshots of our success in this market:

TI Advertising Screenshot

Texas Instruments

From a media perspective, Texas Instruments' semiconductor business had been successful in establishing itself as a market leader primarily through the use of print placements. In keeping with its reputation as an innovator, however, TI had chosen to transition 90% of its media presence to digital environments. This transition required a partner that understood digital media, engagement tracking, analytics and optimization - and how to engage TI's primary target, the engineer. After TI made M/C/C its agency of record, we worked hand-in-hand to develop complex, custom online programs with key media partners, fully tracking placements and media programs that addressed the needs of engineers throughout the entire design cycle. Within 12 months, we increased TI's engagement levels with European customers by 900% and with U.S. customers by 45%. In addition to this, we reached average engagement rates of more than 140%. Better still, we helped TI save money, decreasing the cost per engagement by 42% in the U.S. and by 90% in Europe.

Much more bang for a lot less buck. It doesn't take a design engineer to understand that kind of math.

Trilogy Circuits Advertising Screenshot

Trilogy Circuits

Trilogy Circuits successfully carved a niche as a high-quality printed circuit board designer/fabricator/assembler, but in order to take advantage of market dynamics, the company needed to migrate its brand image from that of a young company good for small jobs to that of a proven, trusted source for high-profile projects. In order to raise the brand's status and generate credibility for the company, M/C/C developed new strategic messaging and new creative that included a website and corporate identity. In a less expected but equally effective measure, M/C/C helped Trilogy generate third-party credibility by entering the company into several industry awards competitions. As a result, Trilogy won six local and industry awards and was included in back-to-back corporate growth lists, just what Trilogy needed to raise its profile as a premium brand.

Revere Security Advertising Screenshot

Revere Security

As startup with a unique product offering but no customers, Revere needed market influencers onboard to help spread the word. M/C/C developed a market analyst relations program, which it launched via teletour. One of the key analysts on the call liked what the company had to say and put its CEO on the list of top smart grid visionaries in the market. That listing opened that door for press coverage in the RFID space and ultimately landed the CEO on a speaking panel "Securing The Networked Grid Infrastructure" alongside Cisco and Verizon. For a startup, credibility doesn't come through sheer purchasing power. It comes through clear communication of smart ideas - exactly like we did for Revere.