The recent past has not been kind to companies in the energy industry. Oil and gas companies have been hit hard with the ultra-low price of oil. By some estimates, the oil price collapse has claimed more than 200,000 jobs globally. Just as the oil sector is suffering, the solar market is growing thanks to cheaper solar panel pricing and the renewal of important tax credits. The growth isn’t limited to the U.S. but worldwide as China, India and Latin America also push the industry forward. And while coal is expected to continue to decline in developed countries, there are signs that some countries are taking another look at nuclear power.

Despite the obvious challenges in the industry, there is some optimism that oil prices will rebound in the near future. That means the return of projects and employment opportunities along with profits. As the market awaits this rebound, energy companies are investing in technologies like big data to help them cut costs and manage resources more efficiently.

We’re no strangers to the energy industry. Our experience dates back to the formation of our agency in 1986, when we started working with energy service companies in Houston. They were key to our success 30 years ago and continue to be today.

$ Million Acquisition

MCC helped strengthen the client's brand, which led, in part, to the company's acquisition.


Pieces of Press Coverage

MCC helped a relatively unknown European company launch its brand in North America, generating awareness and credibility to support direct sales.


Leading Brand Perception

MCC’s PR and social programs helped elevate this client’s brand, evening the playing field with much larger competitors, such as Accenture.


Thirty years of experience and expertise make us an ideal choice for brands in the energy industry. Contact us to find out how we can bring that expertise to bear for your company.