Here are two snapshots of our success in this market:

Samsung Advertising Screenshot


Samsung Business Communications Systems needed to reach individuals in small businesses that made decisions on telecommunications equipment. As a new player in the space, the company needed to establish credibility and build awareness for its cost-effective, efficient and recently-wireless platform.

To get the message out to key audiences, M/C/C developed a print ad campaign to run in trade publications (targeting hardware dealers) and local business journals (targeting end-users) and a PR campaign to demonstrate Samsung's expertise. Our campaign concept introduced the "new guy" (a.k.a. wireless) to a converged platform and to the target audience. We used the same "new guy" concept as a centerpiece for contributed articles in which Samsung BCS experts demonstrated their expertise to create credibility in the market. As the marketing initiatives and sales efforts took effect, we reinforced the credibility story by developing case studies on customers who had installed the converged platform. We sent these case studies to dealers who, in turn, used them to attract new customers and demonstrate the cost savings and efficiency of Samsung products.

NextiraOne Advertising Screenshot


NextiraOne, an enterprise communications services provider, was born from a series of mergers and acquisitions. In spite of its global proportions, the company's unorthodox beginning made the brand a relative unknown in the market. To make a name for itself, NextiraOne engaged with M/C/C to create a unified image, look and message for its employees, customers, prospects and key stakeholders.

One such group was the market analyst community, which was a critical audience for referrals to key enterprise customers. This group needed to understand how the newly-formed NextiraOne would impact the market and could benefit the analysts' enterprise clients. To tackle that issue, we developed a market analyst program with an onsite analyst-only event. More than 18 market analysts from across the country came to the NextiraOne headquarters in Houston to attend two-days of sessions with the CEO and division leaders and to learn about NextiraOne's services, value and position in the market. This marked the beginning of key relationships with analysts, some of whom had never spoken with the companies that merged to create NextiraOne. Consistently nurturing these relationships, our continued analyst briefings lead to their quotes in editorial coverage and more importantly inclusion in RFPs for key enterprise clients.