Entertainment comes in all forms. Consumers have more choices than ever, and options for how people spend their time continue to increase exponentially. Virtual reality is in its infancy and has nowhere to go but up as manufacturers, content producers and consumers embrace VR platforms. The proliferation of smart devices like Amazon’s Echo and Alexa along with streaming media players continue to connect consumers to content like never before. Online streaming services and video on demand are killing traditional cable operators as consumers now expect to watch what they want, when they want.

Outside of media and content, brands in sports, live music, family time, dining and other markets must fight harder than ever for their customers’ mindshare, time and entertainment budgets. Attracting those consumers starts with understanding their motivations. Our “buyer-centric” philosophy uncovers the insights that help us position our clients for success in the entertainment space.

$. Billion Acquisition

Through PR and social media, MCC helped build the brand image of one company that was subsequently acquired for $1.3 billion.


Leading Brand Perception

MCC strategically overhauled one client’s brand, transforming its behind-the-times image to innovative and fresh.


If you need some serious business thinking to grow your entertainment brand, we’re ready to help.