Here are three snapshots of our success in this market:

Accudata Advertising Screenshot

Accudata Technologies

Called Revenue Communications when they first engaged M/C/C, this telecom database company had undergone a financial reorganization and wanted to reposition itself in the marketplace as well as expand its service offerings. Market research identified the key attributes of the company and became the basis for a whole new strategic marketing direction. Our first move to re-introduce the company was to rename and re-position the company. Revenue Communications would, from that point forward, be known as Accudata Technologies, "The phone number accuracy experts." From this new position, we rebuilt the company's entire marketing communications program, including collateral, email advertising, website, SEO and public relations initiatives. Ten years later, this re-energized company has continually grown its revenues, expanded its service offerings and won numerous awards and executive accolades for its successes. The CEO has described M/C/C as a strategic partner, which explains why, a decade later, we remain the company's agency of record.

Fujitsu Advertising Screenshot

Fujitsu Transmission Systems

Fujitsu had two traditions. First, like many tech companies, it ran ads that prominently featured its nondescript gray box-like product with basic features and technical specs. Second, it struggled to convince telecommunications carriers that it had a superior product capable of handling Internet bandwidth capacities. To M/C/C, the two traditions were a matter of cause-and-effect.

Thanks to our years of experience and research, we had a deep understanding of the carrier market long before Fujitsu even approached us. We used this expertise to develop an ad campaign that focused on the products' application benefits, not their technical specs. And the stars of our ads weren't products, but dogs, pigs, snails and bats. This campaign helped Fujitsu stand out in the sea of sameness, and their transmission products took over market share leadership for years on end. But the story didn't end there.

Fujitsu Advertising Screenshot 2

When preparing to launch their next-generation, optical networking products, Fujitsu turned to us again, this time to develop a comprehensive program that used a combination of high-impact print (bellybands, inserts and spreads) to build awareness quickly and get Fujitsu on the "short list." As the carrier market continued to evolve, Fujitsu maintained its market share dominance thanks to a new tradition - relying on its experienced marketing communications partner M/C/C.


When Intervoice acquired Brite Systems, one of its largest competitors, the company needed to communicate its direction to the newly-merged workforce of both companies. The impetus was two-fold - to smooth the integration of the new employees and to instill in all employees consistent messaging that they could communicate to customers. To open a dialog with the company's employees, M/C/C planned and managed a live satellite feed from Intervoice headquarters to its dozens of locations around the world. The CEO of Intervoice shared his vision for the company Intervoice Advertising Screenshot and expressed the critical role of employees in bringing that vision to life. Opening up the floor for questions from employees gained the trust and confidence of Brite employees. The event was a resounding success. In fact, Intervoice credited it as a key moment on the company's path to becoming the new market leader.