Truly the leader in its market, SolArc had prestige, a high-profile customer base and a trusted product - only no one knew about them. Competing against some of the largest software development companies in the world, including SunGard and Accenture, SolArc needed to leverage its existing customer base to broaden its awareness. That's where MCC came in. By emphasizing the company's already-significant market presence, we developed a public relations and social media program to create top-of-mind connections between the company's customers, its software solution and its brand.

Because customers choose SolArc, in large part, for its customer service, we created an online community. This not only enhanced SolArc's interactions with customers, it also encouraged SolArc customers to engage with one another. In no time, customer impressions of SolArc skyrocketed as customers learned they were in good company. At the time of SolArc's acquisition, the thriving Friends of SolArc community had more than 200 current and potential customers signed up as active members.