Why do we love B2B so much?

We love B2B for the challenge. Anybody can turn a TV camera on a gooey pizza or make a perfume ad with a beautiful woman. But try marketing fiber optic cabling to a CTO in a Fortune 100 corporation when that company’s profits and that CTO’s job are riding on the decision. Rising to that kind of challenge (and doing it every day for 30 years) takes an agency with brainpower and guts. It takes us.

We do B2B like nobody’s B.

In the 30-year history of Mod Op Dallas, it’s difficult to overemphasize our focus on B2B communications. For starters, B2B is much more than just a side note for us. Hell, compared to most agencies, we wouldn’t be so humble to call B2B only a specialty. In fact, at well over 90% of our business, B2B clients aren’t even our bread and butter. No, they’re the gristmill and the dairy farm that make the flour and the milk that go into our bread and butter.