Kinetrex Energy Partners with MCC to Expand Brand Awareness and Credibility

DALLAS – Nov. 1, 2016

Dallas-based integrated marketing communications firm MCC recently partnered with Kinetrex Energy, an Indianapolis-based natural gas company specializing in clean, affordable liquefied natural gas. Focusing on multiple vertical markets, MCC will conduct market research, develop brand messaging and positioning, upgrade the Kinetrex website and execute a communications program designed to generate brand awareness and loyalty.

“With the company off to a great start and Kinetrex quickly becoming a leader in the liquefied natural gas market we felt MCC was a perfect match to continue our journey to the top,” said Aaron Johnson, CEO, Kinetrex. “By liquefying and transporting natural gas, we’re now able to bring its benefits to new locations and markets.”

Between its two facilities, Kinetrex has the ability to supply more than 200,000 gallons of liquefied natural gas per day and expects demand in the Midwest to exceed 500,000 gallons per day by 2020.

In addition to liquefied natural gas, Kinetrex also supplies pipeline natural gas and renewable natural gas. Natural gas delivered via pipeline from Kinetrex can lower costs with a high level of customer service for those customers needing a one-stop source for their natural gas needs whether supplied in liquid or gaseous form. Renewable natural gas – which is produced through decomposition in landfills and anaerobic digestion at wastewater plants – can provide customers renewable energy incentives from the federal government, as well as serve as a clean energy alternative with near zero emissions.

Kinetrex’s natural gas solutions fit well with its customers’ sustainability initiatives focused on reducing air and greenhouse gas emissions. Costing about 35 to 45 percent less than diesel fuel, liquefied natural gas is a logical fit for agriculture, drilling, gas utilities, hospitals, industrial applications, marine, power generation, rail, schools and trucking.

“Kinetrex’s products have the potential to not only change the industry, but to change the world,” said Mike Crawford, president, MCC. “We are eager to drive them to the top of the energy industry.”

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