Breeding Success at SXSW

sxsw-2016-platinumlogoHaving completed its 21st year, the SXSW Interactive conference has been around almost as long as M/C/C has, and that is impressive. Its hundreds of panel sessions cover a variety of topics from future trends to marketing and branding. For a full-service digital marketing communications agency like ours, this conference is a great source for insights, ideas and inspiration as well as validation for our employees.

Our agency has always been on top of new media, technologies and applications. We have proactive relationships with our clients, and they expect us to continually recommend new ideas and tactics that will improve their efficiencies and increase their ROI.

At M/C/C, we’re always looking for seminars and conferences that add value. Our employees get new ideas, and we pass those onto our clients through enhanced services and/or increased performance.

SXSW Interactive adds value in many ways. It keeps us connected to a constantly moving industry in the world of marketing communications. It allows us to identify trends from the brightest minds in the industry with a big picture analysis of the future. As a result, it opens paths to understanding new opportunities we may want to incorporate into our agency practices for increased performance and improved efficiencies.

The conference also helps by validating some of our current practices. We are early adopters and want to stay ahead of the curve and our peers. This type of validation adds confidence and supports our agency culture to provide the best results for our clients.

Other benefits include the opportunity for employees to learn in new and different ways. The conference’s environment is very electric and visual, which is very different from a classroom setting. Our employees return clearly inspired, which not only improves their learning in Austin but also motivates them after they return to Dallas. Their enthusiasm has a positive influence on our entire agency. It raises the bar for our performance and pushes all of us to constantly improve.

This conference is like catching lightning in a bottle. It breeds success and is a huge motivator. I wish all conferences would add this much value to our employees and, in return, to our clients.

Back in 1986, Mike helped create an entirely new kind of advertising agency and public relations firm, one that focused exclusively on technology clients. At the time, this level of specialization was unheard of, but MCC proved the doubters wrong, growing into the Southwest's number-one ad/PR agency for technology companies - and one of the top high-tech advertising agencies in the country. In 2006, Mike diversified the agency's client base to include non-technology clients as well, expanding into industries such as energy, insurance, government, finance, retail, health, security and entertainment. Today, MCC continues to evolve under Mike's direction, blazing new trails from traditional marketing communications to real-time, digital engagement with our clients' customers. Before founding MCC, Mike directed the marketing communications for Nortel, where he launched the still-popular Meridian line of business telecommunications systems. A graduate of the University of Iowa, Mike has served on a variety of boards and remains active in local and state trade associations. Follow on: Google+ || LinkedIn

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