Extreme Makeover: Agency Edition

When I hung a shingle in front of MCC in 1986, I did so with the objective of creating a uniquely innovative agency. My idea was to create more sophisticated, more effective integrated marketing communications for companies in emerging markets – and I can objectively say that it’s been a success by any measure. More than 31 years later, we continue to execute against this same goal, forging innovative, new paths in advertising, public relations and social media. But recently, our perspective widened. While we’ve continued to provide fresh, new ideas for our clients, we’ve also taken a deeper look at ourselves and asked what we could do to work in even more advanced ways. Normally, we implement these tools behind the scenes in virtually invisible ways that make their presence known only in the results we achieve for clients.

But today, I’m thrilled to announce some much more visible innovations that reflect where MCC is now and what we’re able to do for clients. For starters, we’ve moved into an entirely new office space, in a different building just down the street at 12377 Merit Drive in Dallas. And let me just say that this was no superficial undertaking.


We designed the new space around our advanced needs and the work we perform for each MCC client. To ensure that every team member and visitor has the resources they need to collaborate and do their jobs efficiently, we integrated superior wireless connectivity in every nook and cranny of the 13,000 square foot space. We installed a boatload of large monitors throughout the office, to which team members or clients can wirelessly connect their laptops or tablets and collaborate instantly and on the move. We made sure that all team members have their own private workspaces where they can concentrate without interruption, while also creating areas where they can collaborate in common areas throughout the office. And in keeping with the innovation that has always been a hallmark of MCC, we implemented a high-tech welcome station where guests can easily check into our office and directly contact the MCCer they’re here to see.

Clearly, this was not simply a fresh coat of paint, although we think you’re going to like that, too. Colors like Positive Red, Friendly Yellow and Invigorate Orange complement the energy of an agency that’s always been going new places.

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And speaking of colors, you may notice our new logo. We think it’s a beautiful and elegant representation of what we’ve always been, only now with a fresh spin.

Change has always been a constant at MCC. Right now, it’s just a lot more obvious. We hope you’ll come visit our new office soon. We’ll be happy to give you the dollar tour.

Back in 1986, Mike helped create an entirely new kind of advertising agency and public relations firm, one that focused exclusively on technology clients. At the time, this level of specialization was unheard of, but MCC proved the doubters wrong, growing into the Southwest's number-one ad/PR agency for technology companies - and one of the top high-tech advertising agencies in the country. In 2006, Mike diversified the agency's client base to include non-technology clients as well, expanding into industries such as energy, insurance, government, finance, retail, health, security and entertainment. Today, MCC continues to evolve under Mike's direction, blazing new trails from traditional marketing communications to real-time, digital engagement with our clients' customers. Before founding MCC, Mike directed the marketing communications for Nortel, where he launched the still-popular Meridian line of business telecommunications systems. A graduate of the University of Iowa, Mike has served on a variety of boards and remains active in local and state trade associations. Follow on: Google+ || LinkedIn

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