Filling the Pipeline for a Natural Gas Provider

MCC’s partnership with Kinetrex Energy, which began in June of 2016, showcases the value of a full-service agency that focuses on business outcomes. With strong financial backing and a huge investment in process and infrastructure, Kinetrex was poised to take a leadership position as a provider of natural gas in the Midwest. The challenge was that no one knew the company and why it was a better choice. MCC stepped in not only to build brand awareness but also to position Kinetrex as the best provider of natural gas products. Each Kinetrex product (natural gas from the pipeline, liquefied natural gas and renewable natural gas) had unique challenges to overcome: lack of awareness, misperceptions of production and a general misunderstanding of benefits, to name a few.

Jim's Blog Post

To begin, we conducted market research to gain consumer insights that would inform our branding strategies. Understanding what the audience cared about most, and what Kinetrex could deliver, we developed the company’s brand platform. This platform became tangible through a new website and two creative campaigns. The first campaign addressed local, Indianapolis businesses to pique interest in natural gas from the pipeline. The second addressed the agriculture market and generated awareness of/interest in liquefied natural gas.

With creative materials on hand, we placed media strategically to reach very specific audiences – local publications, radio spots, retargeting, geotargeting, programmatic targeting – the list goes on. For each of these placements, the goal was to urge the audience to engage directly with the company at, where they could immerse themselves in content to learn more. To provide an even more compelling user experience, we developed interactive, cost savings calculators that instantly showed website visitors how much they could save with Kinetrex. We produced two videos, one about natural gas from the pipeline and the other about liquefied natural gas that effectively communicated the value of Kinetrex Energy as a natural gas provider.

With each phase of our work building on previous phases, we measured our success by the continued impact on Kinetrex Energy’s business. In just 18 months, Kinetrex Energy increased its active prospects by 700% and increased its website traffic by 350%. Our strategically placed digital work generated 8.5 million impressions over eight months. Impressions alone, however, don’t do all the work. Engaging creative campaigns drove users to where we delivered compelling, educational content about the company and its products, further tying back to the client’s objectives.


Partnering with this client, we achieved so much in just 18 months, and we look forward to the next. Whether we target a new audience or focus on another natural gas product, we’re ready to help take Kinetrex Energy to the next level.

Jim supervises all MCC account managers and promotes the vitality of all client/agency partnerships. Jim's relationship-based approach to integrated communications is built around two principles. He's relentless in his understanding of our clients' businesses, and he builds personal collaboration between clients, agency employees and industry players. Jim came to MCC in 1998 as an account manager. Since then, he's moved up quickly, thanks to his drive to take charge and get results. A hardcore believer in strategic brand development, Jim has led integrated marketing programs for clients including CapRock Communications, Fujitsu, Alienware, Vari-Lite International and Raytheon. Before joining the agency, Jim worked at Temerlin McClain on the GTE account. Previously, he worked for McCann-Erickson and Fogarty, Klein & Partners. Jim graduated from Texas State University with a degree in Marketing. In his off-time, he enjoys live music, hanging with family and coaching his daughters' sports teams

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