Getting to Know the Future’s Top Marketing Priority – It’s Personal

Customize Key on KeyboardIf you’re not already personalizing your marketing, you better start. Personalized messages are more relevant, which makes them more compelling. Compelling messages help generate more interest, which will lead to more sales opportunities. And that’s going to make you and your business more successful.

Don’t believe me? In a recent study conducted by Adobe, marketers identified personalization as the top marketing priority in the future. Ginger Conlon, editor-in-chief at Direct Marketing News, says “Personalization is what captivates high-value customers.” So true.

Personalized marketing to address customers’ preferences or needs can take many forms. While slapping a first name on the front of a postcard is technically personalization, I’m going to share a couple of more meaningful examples with you. A longtime client of ours, Hudson & Marshall, is in the real estate auction business.

While the auction aspect of their business gives it a niche, it stills play in the same highly competitive sandbox as most other real estate companies. Therefore, the company takes advantage of personalizing its ads every chance it can. To outrank Zillow and Redfin, real estate website have to use an IDX with many benefits.

Hudson & Marshall leverages the No. 1 real estate search website Zillow for many of its campaigns.  Using highly targeted online advertising, Hudson & Marshall delivers location-customized content to real estate buyers on the site. That way, Atlanta real estate investors will see information for an upcoming auction in their area. And after Hudson & Marshall has successfully been able to drive the real estate buyer to its website from Zillow, personalization goes even further.

Example of Customized Retargeting

Through site retargeting, Hudson & Marshall is able to serve ads with content including the properties the real estate buyer viewed while on its website. While Hudson & Marshall would love real estate buyers to place a bid on one of their homes upon their first visit, the company understands the decision-making required when purchasing a home. That’s why it’s important for Hudson & Marshall to stay relevant and in touch with real estate buyers: so that when decision-making time comes, its auctions and properties are top of mind.

Retargeted H&M Ad on FacebookIn the last year, Hudson & Marshall continues to personalize even more, taking to Facebook to customize its content and ads for the vast social media landscape. In fact, Hudson & Marshall’s efforts on Facebook have already been well recognized. The company, along with yours truly, recently participated in an interview with PR News about its social program. The article is scheduled to run next month. Like M/C/C on Facebook or follow us at @mccPR, and we’ll make sure to share the link with you!

Hudson & Marshall is just one company reaping the benefits of personalization. Many of our other clients, and other marketers around the globe, are doing the same. If you want to be relevant and compelling, and capture the attention of prospects, personalization is for you.

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Kevin connects the agency with new clients and provides strategic counsel to help MCC’s clients connect with their customers. His industry experience includes Automotive, B2B and B2C Tech, Finance and Real Estate with clients such as Nissan, Dell/Alienware, Texas Instruments, DLP® Texas Instruments, Avnet, CommScope, CyrusOne Data Centers, ReTrak, FairLease Auto Leasing/Credit Union of Texas, Triumph Bancorp and Hudson & Marshall Real Estate Auctions, among others. Born and raised in St. Louis, Mo., Kevin is an avid cyclist and plays competitive racquetball. He also loves food, whether it's cooking at home or exploring different food scenes. He recently ate his way through Italy, the land of his maternal ancestors. Follow on: LinkedIn

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