Holiday Marketing is at a Fever Pitch but What’s Next?

Keeping the momentum with post-holiday marketing programs

Businesses, particularly retailers, have been planning for this holiday season since the last one ended – and with good reason. According to the National Retail Federation, the holiday season can represent as much as 30 percent of annual sales. We’re in the peak season for holiday marketing fueled by long hours, endless cups of coffee and a thousand moving parts from the best-laid plans.

Businesses are working furiously to get their piece of the holiday spending pie but what happens when that spending frenzy dies down? How can retailers and business-to-business (B2B) companies continue the momentum?

Holiday Marketing

For retailers, there are some fundamental and proven strategies for extending revenue opportunities on the heels of the holidays.

Bounce back offers/coupons – These are delayed savings and offers that were earned from holiday purchases but aren’t valid until after the holidays and bring shoppers back to physical or electronic storefronts for additional sales opportunities.

Incremental sales to gift cards – The National Retail Federation reported U.S. e-gift card sales reached $7.1 billion in 2015, up 26 percent. The Retail Gift Card Association said 45 percent of consumers will spend more than the value of their gift card. Aggressively promoting gift cards as gifts can lead to additional revenue after the holidays.

Database development for ongoing marketing – Capturing customer data during the peak season creates the opportunity to expand your marketing lists for ongoing marketing efforts year-round.

Retargeting to fresh audiences – Take advantage of new and additional traffic to your site. Retarget site visitors who’ve shown an interest in your brand/product by remarketing to them on other sites.  Retargeting is an efficient and effective way to nurture interest with customers and prospects.

Appeal to New Year’s resolutions – To address prospects with a list of resolutions, think about and message any appropriate products/service to fit into self-improvement categories. 

While B2B marketers generally have longer sales cycles and aren’t as closely tied to the dynamics and seasonality of the holiday season like retailers are, there are still things they can do coming out of the holiday season.

Take advantage of the quiet time for B2B audiences. While consumers are running at breakneck speed during the holidays, it’s actually a quieter time for businesses with fewer meetings and deadlines and more time for planning. Check out this blog article from one of my colleagues that touches on this in a little more detail along with B2B marketing and advertising during the holidays.

One of the things that we’ve found in our experience is that delivering B2B messages in unexpected consumer environments attracts attention and response. Website retargeting efforts and social media advertising programs can break through the endless clutter of retail marketing.

Launch a new product or service. If your company’s product roadmap is flexible, consider launching a new product or service right after the holidays at the beginning of the year. It’s much better to push a launch from mid-November to early January to generate more attention around it. What better way to start the year than with a launch? Custom Cap Printing also helps companies bring out the best in their brand for marketing purposes.

Plan early to be ready. Despite the best intentions, it seems like the budgeting and planning process doesn’t put a lot of businesses in the position to execute programs at the very beginning of the year. Starting the year’s marketing programs early in the year can kick start the first quarter and the entire year. You can seek the expertise of professionals like printing services dublin in order to boost your marketing efforts.

Freshen things up with new campaigns. A new year should include new promotions and campaigns. Think about ways to evolve your message and develop new creative campaigns to create new attention. It helps not just with external audiences but can get internal staff re-energized for the year ahead.

Whether you’re in the retail business or focused on business sales, there is opportunity for both during the holiday season and after. Use your marketing programs wisely and leverage momentum. Happy holidays and a successful new year!

Jim supervises all MCC account managers and promotes the vitality of all client/agency partnerships. Jim's relationship-based approach to integrated communications is built around two principles. He's relentless in his understanding of our clients' businesses, and he builds personal collaboration between clients, agency employees and industry players. Jim came to MCC in 1998 as an account manager. Since then, he's moved up quickly, thanks to his drive to take charge and get results. A hardcore believer in strategic brand development, Jim has led integrated marketing programs for clients including CapRock Communications, Fujitsu, Alienware, Vari-Lite International and Raytheon. Before joining the agency, Jim worked at Temerlin McClain on the GTE account. Previously, he worked for McCann-Erickson and Fogarty, Klein & Partners. Jim graduated from Texas State University with a degree in Marketing. In his off-time, he enjoys live music, hanging with family and coaching his daughters' sports teams

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