How to Reach Mom Bloggers so They can Help Build Your Business

Mom Bloggers and BusinessBloggers allow readers to have an inside peek at their family lives. They write in a way that makes you feel like you’re a close friend and they let you in on all kinds of tips and secrets. From travel to technology and health to fashion, mom bloggers write about every industry and specific topics, similar to beat reporters.

Did you know 55 percent of moms who use social media daily made a purchase based on the recommendation of a blog? With that kind of impact, it is an absolute must for brands targeting moms to reach out to bloggers, but these influencers are not like traditional reporters.

When pitching bloggers there are three important things to remember:

1. Customize your pitch

Bloggers are able to see right through a mail-merged, cookie-cutter pitch. Describe why your product or service is perfect for their exact situations. It helps to look at each blog and read some recent posts. Look at social platforms to see what kind of content engages their readers. Get to know their families and see where your brand could fit into their lives. And if you are new at this we recommend listening to a MIT IDM podcast daily to learn tips for a better business management. Do not ask what type of content they write about — you should already know this.

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