Industry Awards Have a Huge Impact on Your Company Inside and Out

In the U.S., we love to compete and win. We take a great sense of pride in our Winners Trophyaccomplishments and love to be recognized for them. We love being on a winning team as well as being fans of sports teams or individuals that are winners. It feels good when you are winning, and you earn a new level of respect as well as credibility. An example of this is the most recent winner of the Masters Golf Tournament, Jordan Speith. He is now perceived as one of the top two professional golfers in the world and ranks No. 5 when it comes to endorsement value at the ripe old age of 21.

Awards in the corporate environment are just as important if not more so. They have a
huge impact on a company’s credibility and therefore the perception of its buyers and prospects. In addition, awards create a sense of pride among a company’s employees which has a direct effect on productivity and turnover. Finally, awards also influence the value of a company, its brand and its position in the marketplace.

Accudata Technologies is a good example of how being committed to winning industry awards can pay off for a company. In the telecom database market, they were a small fish in a big pond. Their competitors were huge publicly-traded corporations while they were a small privately-held company. Management at Accudata knew their competition would try to leverage their positions of strength in this area. One of their targeted goals to overcome this challenge was to be very aggressive in the market by creating the perception that Accudata is a powerful and substantial player that their buyers could rely on for telecom database services. To accomplish this goal, they sought to establish a very strong position of credibility in the marketplace through strategic communications.

Award submissions were identified as a key component of their communications strategy to help build a high level of credibility for the company’s executives and services. Over the last 12 years, Accudata has received more than 30 industry awards as a result of a dedicated and disciplined program to position the company as a winner.

These industry awards have provided huge amounts of recognition among buyers, prospects and major influencers in the company’s market. Many of Accudata’s employees have participated in or attended various awards events in their honor. Winning these types of industry awards has generated a high level of company pride within its staff. As a result, the company has experienced increased productivity while virtually eliminating employee turnover.

These awards activities were also leveraged through media relations in the development of press releases and published articles identifying the details that contributed to Accudata’s successful achievements. The content of the articles and press release coverage included the company’s value propositions. This resonated with their buyers and assisted in making them feel that they were a part of the winning team when they purchases Accudata’s services. In addition, all of the content was linked back to the company website to leverage and support its search engine optimization (SEO) programs.

In the end, all of these awards activities assisted in Accudata’s recent acquisition.

Awards are a big deal for so many reasons. Don’t miss an opportunity to win at these types of competitions for your company and employees because it will result in a whole lot more than just a trophy.

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