Media Trends: Are You Keeping Up?

The media industry is ever changing. As long as technology continues to develop, so will the media. The question is, are you doing what it takes to keep up? Let’s take a look at some of the media trends that can help you build your brand with successful campaigns.

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“Content is king, right?” Content marketing is the leading trend in the industry, according to Smart Insights. With content marketing, advertisers attract a specific audience with relevant content and increase awareness of their brands. In order to get a high return on your content marketing investment, be sure your content is driven by marketing objectives and is compelling to your target audience. Also, avoid these pitfalls.

Day by day, our communications become more mobile, which brings us to our next trend. Mobile advertising is continuously growing! We Are Social reported that there were 4.917 billion mobile users as of January. This should tell advertisers that mobile is a primary way to go. Not only are you able to advertise through banner, video, pop-up and location-based ads but also through social media apps.

Social media is continually evolving. According to We Are Social, there were 2.789 billion social media users as of January 2017. Advertisers are investing their dollars in social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. In your daily scrolling, sponsored ads pop up all over, and, as the platforms have become more advanced in their targeting, the ads have become highly customizable based on your demographics, preferences and online activity.

Let’s focus on Facebook for a second. There are several opportunities to get your message out by advertising on Facebook. As of June, there were 2 billion monthly Facebook users. This gives advertisers an outlet to reach people all over the world, no matter their culture, background or social status. Because video is such a hot commodity on Facebook right now, I’ll share a few basic tips on that front: 1.) Include your brand or product early, 2.) Include audio for when users scroll with sound on and be sure to use subtitles for when they don’t. 3.) Aim for short videos of less than 15 seconds.

Other trending social platforms include Snapchat and Instagram Stories. On a personal note, I have to confess that I started to become overwhelmed with all of the social media outlets and the pressure to have them all just to keep up with the times. But advertisers would be wise to at least consider multiple social platforms. Snapchat has a global daily average of 173 million users. Instagram Stories has 250 million daily users. With quick, snackable content, both apps have become popular with people of all ages. As you snap through your friend’s stories, ads pop up in-between. The most important part for the advertiser is to make sure the videos quickly catch the attention of the viewer. Otherwise, users will just tap right through.

In your upcoming campaigns, take some time to comb through your content. Make sure it is relevant to the message you want to convey and the audience you’re targeting. And think a good deal more about how you can use evolving resources like mobile and social advertising to build your brand. Because one thing is certain with the media industry – if you’re not keeping up, you’re falling behind.

Jera is a senior media planner at MCC, where she assists with media planning and buying for MCC’s clients. She received a bachelor’s degree in administration of justice from Texas Southern University in Houston, TX. Prior to MCC, Jera was an account manager for Advantage Staffing. She was born and raised in Monroe, LA. Jera enjoys singing, dancing, spending time with family and friends, traveling, finding new places to eat and has a weakness for cheesy, romantic movies on the Hallmark channel.

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