The Method Behind the Stop Motion Madness: An Inside Look at the Making of The Gift Exchange

It’s all high fives and hand shakes once the annual M/C/C holiday video goes out. This year’s “The Gift Exchange” received much of the same. Great job, everyone…Wow, that was incredible…My grandma loved it. Yep. Those rave reviews are the scrumptious rewards for two weeks spent peeling white lint off black fabric; two hours spent moving five pieces of yarn an inch every minute; and just over two minutes of the most delicious video eye-candy M/C/C has ever produced.

Like most creative projects, the celebration over a job-well-done often overshadows the painstaking production that went into the project. In the past, we’ve done some light documenting of production techniques while filming holiday videos. With “Snowmotion,” we included a few pictures in the end to give the audience a small glimpse into stop motion. Last year with “The Nutcracker Suite 275,” we included a small blooper real in the credits. This year, we wised up and used a second camera to document the process in better detail. It’s been edited down, so you won’t see the heavy cursing and bloodshed that comes standard with stop motion. Sit back, click play and enjoy “The Making of The Gift Exchange.”


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