Social Media vs. Blogging – Why Can’t We Be Friends?

You can blog on a train, in the rain or in a house with a mouse – as long as you’re engaging with your audience. As content continues to progress alongside evolving technology, many consumers and creators alike are ditching their carefully curated paragraphs for visuals. Photos, videos, boomerangs and gifs are proving to be more valuable, with statistics showing a preference for quick, visual and digestible content.

One of the drawbacks of this trend is that some companies choose this type of marketing over more traditional assets that might work better for their brands. B2C brands are likely to have more success engaging this way; however, while many think that traditional blogs are going the way of the Volkswagen Beetle, research shows that B2B organizations that put out blog content generate more leads than those that don’t. So what’s right for your company? Here’s a list of the top six benefits for each tactic:

Benefits of Social Media

  • A recent report revealed that the average human attention span is eight seconds. While blogs require more time to read and digest, eight seconds is just long enough for a video or image to catch someone’s eye and convey a message.
  • Social media messaging can be tailored to each platform, making it a viable option for campaigns, paid or unpaid.
  • Hashtags can help you reach a larger audience that may not already be looking at your content.
  • While traditional blogging tends to communicate more information, social blogging serves as a networking opportunity while also sharing relevant information or news.
  • An active presence on various platforms allows for more one-on-one interaction, which can lead to content sourcing.
  • Images increase the chances of remembering information by 65 percent.

Benefits of Blogging

  • Blogs generate 55 percent more site visitors for the average company.
  • Hosting a blog on your website can have a positive impact on SEO.
  • Your content can position you as an expert in your field, especially with an archive of older blog posts.
  • Blogger relations can help establish your brand or product’s authority and credibility.
  • While users are grateful for Twitter’s new 280 character limit, blogs have more space to elaborate on ideas.
  • Blog posts provide valuable information to existing or potential customers about products and benefits.

At MCC, we suggest an integrated and well-balanced marketing mix. Integrating all communication tactics can help streamline efforts and produce the greatest ROI. Your company blog might contain the exact information a potential customer would need, and one of the best ways to promote it is through branded social channels. Another tactic you can try is to get help from professional blog writing companies. Check out blog writing service pricing here.

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Ultimately it depends on your business, goals, audience and capacity as to which strategy you should employ. While each option garners attention on its own, a good combination can place your company top-of-mind for prospects and bring in more business.

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Elle Glatz is a PR & social media coordinator at MCC. Her responsibilities include creating social media plans, securing media opportunities and developing press releases for MCC and its clients. Elle received her bachelor of science degree in public relations from The University of Texas at Austin. When she’s not training to become a communications guru, you can find Elle at the nearest movie theater with an ICEE in hand or eating at any restaurant with “taco” in its name.

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