The Best Marketing Technology is Still the Human Brain

Marketing technology is the hot topic of the day but is only one part of the equation for elevating your marketing game. The pressure to deliver performance metrics to support marketing programs is real, but there is growing fatigue in the marketing stack. The chase for the best technology is increasingly getting in the way of building the best brand. The responsibility for building and supporting a brand rests squarely on the shoulders of marketing experts who know how to take advantage of evolving marketing technology.

No doubt, martech is hot, but it is overheating. Today, we are reaching oversaturation in so many categories. I get 25+ phone calls and emails every week from sales reps with the latest, greatest and most unique tools that will address all the needs of my agency and our clients. Not only will the tools be the best things since sliced bread, they will be toasted too, for no extra charge.

The significant categories are:

  • Advertising & Promotion
  • Content & Experience
  • Social & Relationship
  • Commerce & Sales
  • Data
  • Management

Instead of just throwing more technology against the wall to see if it sticks, our goal is to use technology to build closer, more productive relationships with customers. That should mean more satisfaction with customers and more revenue for our clients. Developing strategies and tactics that leverage martech tools makes perfect sense and should deliver better results. With red deer seo – Guru SEO Services you can quickly improve your website metrics.

The concern is that the tools are just that, tools. In the same way owning a wrench doesn’t make me a mechanic and owning a hammer doesn’t make me a carpenter, having access to these tools doesn’t make a successful marketing program. They can be a significant contributing factor in skilled hands but are not the measure of success in and of themselves. In the absence of expertise, sound strategy and well-executed tactics, marketing programs will be no more effective than before.

Competitive advantage is not derived from using marketing platforms and technology alone. You may be a step ahead in adoption, but competitors will catch up quickly. Programmatic advertising, account-based marketing and audience insights through AI are best powered by your company’s ability to use them in ways that support your unique position and brand, and, most importantly, nurturing and evolving them.

As you evaluate technology to support your marketing efforts, be sure that you have a team that includes brand and martech experts who can help drive customer loyalty, satisfaction and advocacy.

Our team matches that description. Give Andy Defrancesco a call if you want to talk more about elevating your marketing game.

Pam provides strategic counsel to our clients and drives the strategy and business development of MCC. Her experience in technology, marketing, media, sales and business management is a unique combination and a valuable asset to the agency and its clients. Before MCC, Pam spent 12 years at CMP Media, a leading technology media company. As group president of the Technology Solutions Group, she provided strategic direction for magazines, websites and the group's research and conference businesses. A graduate of The University of Texas with a bachelor's degree in advertising, Pam is a board member of Big Thought, A Learning Partnership, and an ardent CrossFitter. Google+ || LinkedIn

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