Value Over Volume: The Strategy Behind the Rule of Thirds in Social Media

By now, social media managers can unanimously agree that companies should use a filter when it comes to social media posts. We’ve all seen the brand that focuses all of their effort on promoting their own company. After all, these are outbound marketing channels. Why not use them as a way to share the latest marketing material and company updates?

The answer is simple: because your audience gets bored if every social post has the same type of content – especially if every post feels like an ad.

As tempting as it may be, companies should steer clear of posting solely about themselves on their social media channels. Don’t fear – there’s a time and place for promotional material, but every brand needs balance, and our social balance comes in thirds.



What is the Rule of Thirds?

At M/C/C, we use a strategy called the Rule of Thirds when sharing all online content.

  • PROMOTIONAL – One-third of content shared on social media should be promotional information from the brand. This is when brands get to talk about themselves! But, only for one-third of the time.
  • EDUCATIONAL – The second third of content should be educational information shared by the brand. This information does not have to be written by the brand, but it can take the form of helpful news stories, events or promotions from other partners.

This is also a great way to strengthen ties with media outlets and journalists. By sharing their content and tagging them in a post, it prolongs the life of their story and brings more eyes to the article.

  • CULTURAL – The last third of content shared should engage with users who interact with the social network. These posts can include employee photos, office initiatives, corporate celebrations, etc. Cultural posts provide a glimpse into life at the company and lend a human look and feel.

Social media should be a place where users can interact with each other and with brands. Conversations are more natural when content is engaging or cultural – and not all promotional.

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