Hudson & Marshall

MCC introduced Hudson & Marshall to digital programs that were thoughtful and effective and proved almost immediately that we could help increase their auction attendance. We initially launched an SEM program, then added online advertising and social networking to the marketing communications campaign. Through online advertising, we deliver geo-targeted content to real estate buyers so they see properties available in their own cities. At the same time, we use Facebook and Google+ to post reminders about upcoming auctions, photos of available properties and helpful videos about property investment. And we manage a YouTube channel to show available properties and explain how auctions work.

Thanks to these efforts, interest in Hudson & Marshall’s auctions is high, with click-thru rates more than 200% above the industry average. Through our digital campaign, the company engages its audience more regularly, more deeply and for longer periods than ever before. Hudson & Marshall is able to attribute all of its online bids to this campaign, ultimately providing more measurement than it ever imagined.

Now, it’s safe to say that Hudson & Marshall is…going once, going twice…sold on the effectiveness of digital marketing.