Infrastructure Provider

Tackling digital advertising with strategic messaging and smart creative, we helped a leading network infrastructure provider dominate its B2B market in cost-effective ways. Online, we engaged and nurtured their audience with banner ads, digital collateral, interactive presentations and product demos, digital newsletter sponsorships, email blasts and video.

Within a year of launching the integrated digital plan, we’d served up the client’s name and messaging more than 3.5 million times, driven more than 10,000 clicks to the client’s website, blown away the industry’s click-thru rate by more than 200% and generated a steady stream of leads. Online product videos and motion graphics, in particular, played an enormous role. Hosted on YouTube and the client’s own site, these videos and animations allowed the brand to engage its audience on a richer, more entertaining level.

Money can’t buy that level of customer interaction. That said, the only costs involved were the nominal production expense and the placement of highly targeted banner ads – a much wiser use of money than more traditional campaigns.