Professional Bank

Long before making Mod Op Dallas its agency of record, Professional Bank had done good job of building its brand when customers visited its branch locations. Each Professional Bank employee developed friendly, one-on-one relationships with customers in branches that felt more like a friend's living room than a traditional, stuffy bank. This rang true to Professional Bank's history as a community bank and offered customers something different and better for their bank experience. Problem was, the bank's marketing communications did not reflect what made the bank so great. The website, while professionally designed, made the brand seem distant, impersonal, even cold, while most of the printed collateral was created in-house by bank employees with no training in marketing, design or advertising.

Immediately after winning the account, we initiated market research with the bank's key customers to determine what they valued and how they perceived all of their touch points with the bank. The objective was to develop a consistent and meaningful brand foundation that the bank could uphold for the long run. Using the resulting market insight, we established a new strategic brand position and the building blocks of a solid brand, including a new logo, tagline and website. No longer would the bank's customers feel one way when visiting the bank's lobby and another when visiting the website.

Feedback from customers was immediate and overwhelmingly positive. And so was the bank's growth. In no time, the small community bank had opened two additional locations and increased its asset value five times. One particularly large player in the market caught wind of this success and acquired the bank.